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You have two options: link up a cc:Me handle with a partner application, or make a cc:Me account and point your handle to your e-mail.

Make an account with a partner

NoMoreClipboard was designed to help you compile, organize and manage your family health information in a single, secure spot. With cc:Me, you can quickly create your own health address where medical professionals can easily send you an electronic or paper copy of your medical information following an office visit or hospital stay. Once the information is sent to your cc:Me address, you can store it in your NoMoreClipboard account and populate your personal health record – minimizing the need to enter data yourself. Simply create a NoMoreClipboard account, and you can activate your cc:Me address for free.

Create a free cc:Me handle linked to a account

Make a cc:Me account and link it to your e-mail

cc:Me uses open standards to interoperate with other systems. If you have an encrypted e-mail, you can create a cc:Me account and register your public key so that cc:Me can forward encrypted messages to it. cc:Me is compliant with the NwHIN Direct Project and if you currently have email that supports public key cryptography, just supply cc:Me with your certificate. If you do not have encrypted e-mail or are unfamiliar with NwHIN Direct, then it is easier to use one of the partners above. If you want to learn more about encrypted e-mail, check out Microsoft's instructions for getting a certificate, or this nice article from mozillaZine.

If you have encrypted e-mail, link it to a cc:Me handle now
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