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Until recently, getting patient records from an EHR or other healthcare IT application to a portable, patient-controlled personal health record has been a challenge. With cc:Me, you can now share electronic health record information without the need for complex and costly integration.

One of the vendor requirements for ONC-ATCB certification is the generation of a continuity of care (CCD) document. The CCD your application generates can be posted to a patient cc:Me web address. Once there, the CCD is consumed by NoMoreClipboard and discrete data elements selected by the patient can populate their PHR.

Three ways to share a CCD

There are three ways to share a CCD with cc:Me:

  1. Upload the CCD to a patient cc:Me URL – http://ccme.com/johnsmith
  2. Send the CCD using Direct Project protocols to a secure patient email box – johnsmith@ccme.com
  3. Use an XDS/XDR “Provide and Register Document” interface to send a CCD to the patient cc:Me URL.

Think of cc:Me as the quick and easy way to satisfy patient engagement meaningful use requirements - no tethering or tight integration required, and no need to download data to a CD or flash drive. Even if you offer a patient portal, cc:Me enables you to share health information with patients who use a portable PHR.

Let's be Direct

While conceived as a PHR population tool, we have expanded the definition of cc:Me to move data among and between consumers, clinicians and others involved in care delivery using Direct Project protocols. cc:Me will serve as a powerful interoperability engine – a direct data exchange toolset designed to improve care coordination, referral management and patient engagement.

Join the movement

cc:Me is ultimately about movement – securely moving information to improve outcomes and reduce costs, and moving healthcare IT vendors and those who produce and consume medical data to embrace simple, standards-based interoperability. NoMoreClipboard is encouraging the healthcare IT community to support cc:Me, the Direct Project, Blue Button and other initiatives that promote the unfettered flow of health information.

To learn more about cc:Me, send us an email at bizdev@NoMoreClipboard.com.

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